Happy New Years

Slidderfest 2011/12
avocado, maple bacon, pineapple, pepper-jack and a hint of siracha

It was a nice long weekend filled with all sorts of fun. I don’t remember doing much on Friday. I know we went to the park to play a while.

Camera 360

On our way home we stopped to get some supplies for the party and tried to get a good night of sleep but Pumpkin ended up joining us 1/2 way through the night. Saturday we got the house and everything all ready then I bottled the porter.


It was dark of course and loaded with flavor. It finished off at 6.5% alcohol.  IMG_1670

I feel like my yeast died or something because I’ve been trying to get the % up but no change. I bottled it normally and if there is never any carbonation we know something went wrong.

I also made a bunch of mini hamburger patties.


After adding some seasoning I rolled out some meat and then stamped out perfect circles with a jar lid. I fried up an early one to make sure it was appropriate for the buns we had.  IMG_1659

We got set up outside, started a fire and got the party started.  IMG_1677


It was windy out so we enjoyed the fire and food for a while but eventually moved inside to grill up burgers and the motivation to head back outside never really hit everyone.


 IMG_1685   IMG_1684 IMG_1686

Dinner turned out really good.  IMG_1689

We put the kids to bed and counted down the new year.





And then celebrate Stooks’ Birthday.


The next day we were all a little tired. I made some breakfast sliders and we watched some TV and relaxed a bit. We needed a few things at Walmart so went shopping then came home and watched the Chiefs and hung out on the couch.

Monday was super productive we woke up and got after Christmas. Heath put away all the decorations, I got the tree and lights down and everything packed away downstairs. While downstairs we got busy on the storage shelves down there and got them cleaned up a bunch. That took most of the day but we also organized toys and baby stuff and got the tv area down there reorganized and a bit more Pumpkin friendly. Then we ran a few errands and ate dinner and put Pumpkin to bed. Heath and I collapsed on the couch and watched the X-men first class movie before falling asleep.

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