Big Elmo, Little Elmo, Pumpkin Elmo

Heath and I are trying not to eat out any in January. Actually we have 1 groupon deal we need to use this month but otherwise we hope to not eat out. I packed my lunch yesterday but it was not enough food and I ate it to early in the day so I was pretty hungry after work. I got Pumpkin and headed home and right away built up the fire and started on a quick easy and tasty dinner.

In a pan I broke up and cooked the last of the hamburgers, I added itallian seasoning, speghetti sauce, cream cheese and made my first pizza by laying out a large tortilla and spreading the mix from the pan on it and then topping it with cheese and tossing it in the toaster oven as hot as it would go for about 5 min.

This first pizza was for Pumpkin. On the rest Heath helped cut up onion, mushroom, green pepper, olives and jalapenos.

We also boiled some carrots, and grilled some potatoes. Pumpkin’s cooled down and she started eating while we were still cooking the other pizzas.

She usually likes carrots but we had a hard time getting her to eat them she just wanted more and more pizza and potatoes.

Once we were all full Pumpkin got down and went potty in the pot. As long as we are home and she has no pants on and we are not doing anything terribly exciting she is a rockstar at going #1 and #2 in the potty. However when we add pants and pull ups and other locations or really fun activities it gets harder for her.  Any time she goes she gets candy (fruit snacks, yogurt covered raisins, gummy vitamin, or actual candy) and this has been really motivating for her. As soon as she is done she gives, hugs and high fives and starts saying “CANDY”.

After potty I finished up dishes and Pumpkin hopped in the sink. She played a while and I gave her a bath then Heath got her ready for bed. I headed downstairs and set up a printer and worked on some other computer stuff for a good spot for Heath to work from home at. Heath came down and looked through old bills and taxes and stuff for passports. Then I read for a while. Then Heath got done and we watched some Walking Dead. Then off to bed early.

I got up early and hauled a bunch of stuff from the basement cleanup into the attic. Then I worked on the tv antenna. Actually since we last worked on the drywall and moved the tv we have not had an antenna connected to our tv or computer. The cable is there and goes out of the tv and into the wall but does not connect to anything. Our signal was not terrible but it caused some issues sometimes.


I finally took the time to connect to the antenna and it looked like our signal got better. Then I worked on some wiring stuff with the switches by the front door and the light above the door.


I was able to get it all wired how I wanted and the light switched moved before getting ready for work.

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