Mini Hike


As Pumpkin and I were driving home from work/school we got a call from Heath. It was nice and warm and she was not starving and suggested a hike. Pumpkin and I were all for it and once home quickly started gathering supplies like snacks, water, backpack, camera, shoes and dog.

Then we rushed to the trail and started at the closest spot to our house. Right away we spotted deer getting a pre-dusk snack.


The sky was still bright but the sun was setting so pictures were kinda tough.


But it was really nice and pretty out.




Pumpkin snacked on crackers, sang songs and kept an eye on Berry. Whenever he was out of sight she asked where he was and what he was doing.


But he came sprinting by every few minutes to check on us.


It did not take long to get dark out though so we turned around.  IMG_1751


And Pumpkin’s fingers were getting cold and we ran low on crackers.


Just before we got back to the car I tried to climb a tree but it did not go so well.


So we headed home. I had stuck a frozen home made chicken pot pie in the toaster oven before we left so it was almost ready when we got home. The girls went potty and got ready for dinner and topped the pie with cheese and then dished up.

We all got busy eating but Pumpkin was done pretty quick. She was full of crackers and had eaten a whole banana on the way home. She still finished off a couple helpings of mac and cheese but left her pears and pot pie.

After dinner the girls read books and I worked on trash and recycles and bottles. We had a ton from cleaning out the basement and having a New Years party and Christmas present leftovers. I got everything on the curb or taken to ripple and then came back in. Heath was putting Pumpkin to bed so I finished setting up her work from home station in the basement and then got the TV ready for Walking Dead.

Heath and I watched a couple episodes and had some little bowls of ice cream and then went to bed.


I have MLK Day off Monday Jan 16th. I’m thinking about a little backpacking or other adventure for the long weekend. Anyone else interested in trying to put a little trip together?

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