Success By Six

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Heath worked from home after the 31 weeks baby doctor appointment. Soon after picking up Pumpkin we just swung by the house and got a huge bag of old toys and Heath and then kept going.

We headed to the Success by Six center and met up with our Parents as teachers lady and gave her all the toys. We hung out and talked a while and Pumpkin played.Camera 360

After a while Pumpkin said “I gota go potty” and Heath and her rushed to the bathroom. yikes it was locked so they rushed to another bathroom but didn’t make it in time. We didn’t realize but daycare had not put a diaper on Pumpkin since she has been doing so well, so she got a little wet.

We played some more and had a good time.

Camera 360

Then we packed up and headed out. The school was doing some information about the community thing that we checked out then headed home.

Heath had put some potatoes and leftover chili in the toaster oven so it was pretty ready when we got home. I just needed to warm up some veggies. We had an avacodo we were worried about going bad so we tried it on chili and it was pretty great, both on a baked potato
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or in a burrito.

Camera 360

After dinner Heath did dishes and I gave Pumpkin a bath and got her ready for bed. Then we did some random jobs around the house and got all caught and done with Walking Dead before heading to bed.

This morning I got up early and was going for a run. I’ve been driving to the trail and then running on the grass beside it to baby my heal and this morning my truck would not start. It seemed the battery was dead. So I put it on the charger and took the van. Once home I made biscuits and lunch and got ready for work. My truck started up ok and I took Pumpkin to school. When I left, my truck would not start. I was on a hill so I got ready to get it rolling and pop the clutch but just before I did the lights came on so I tried and it started. As I was driving various warning lights and beeps started going off so I took it home. I parked it and popped the hood. No wires were loose or anything. I hopped in and it started fine a few times. I made sure I had jumper cables then headed into work. So maybe I’ll be started at the end of the day or maybe everything is fixed.

Derrick and I are planning a pretty sweet little backpacking adventure for next weekend if you want to get out and carry a heavy pack up and down hills with us.

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