I took no Pictures last night

Pumpkin camping at 1.5 months

Heath and Peanut beat Pumpkin and I home and Heath got started on mac and cheese and veggies for the kids dinner. I got busy with fish sticks and refried beans and in a few minutes we had dinner for the kids ready and they were eating. Felicia came home and talked with us for a bit and my mom stopped by to return Mr. PotatoHeads arms and eyes we had left.

Then Heath took Peanut to scouts and I took Pumpkin to Walmart to get a few things for my backpacking adventure this weekend.

Derrick Cody and I are heading to the Ozark Trail on Friday. We will arrive late on Friday night and do a little night hiking and then set up a quick camp. We are starting at the 3152 Trailhead on the far right of this map http://www.ozarktrail.com/planner/maps/detailed/ElevenPoint1mile199to213.jpg We will make our way west (left) along the red trail and hope to reach McCormarck Lake late Saturday afternoon and then head back east. We will camp again Saturday not far from the lake and then head back along the lowlands yellow trail it is supposed to be 2-5 miles shorter then the red highlands trail. We plan to camp Sunday night after a 2nd full day of hiking and then finish off Monday morning and head back.

Pumpkin and my main item was camp fuel canisters but Walmart didn’t have them. We got a few other things and headed home. Once home Pumpkin went potty in the pot and Felicia helped me get her ready for bed while I started getting our dinner ready. Then Pumpkin went to bed and I finished dinner just in time for Heath and Peanut. Peanut got ready for bed and ate a sandwich.

We started on late dinner and Heath’s brother stopped by and joined us. We hung out and I cleaned the kitchen and got dinner plans ready for tonight and tomorow and then baked a batch of blueberrry muffins. Then James headed home and we went to bed.

Here is Peanut’s first catfish catch.

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