Pumpkin Wore Big Girl Underpants to School Today

Video was not ready yesterday so I’ll sneak it it here.

So yeah, Pumpkin is doing pretty well with potty training so we sent her to school with no diaper. Hopefully they put one on her at nap time. Heath worked from home yesterday after an Pumpkin doc appointment and dinner was just about ready when I got home a bit late. We had nice giant salads with chicken in them.

Pumpkin can’t have peanut butter but she loves sesame seed butter.

She had some on a tortilla and a cheese stick and some fruit and green beans. It was a quick dinner and then we rushed to tumbling class. Pumpkin has been so excited and asking when her next class is for days. She joined the other kids and Heath and I waited in the lobby and occasionally peaked in through the window. Camera 360

I had some work stuff keeping me busy for a little while and once it was resolved I was able to do more peaking and talking with Heath.They did somersaults and cartwheels and crab walks and other stuff to burn energy.

Camera 360

After an hour class was up and we took a wound up Pumpkin home. Once home we did a little practicing.






Then we calmed down and I decided to trim off some hairs.

I put a #4 on and hit my beard and hair with it. I think they were about the same length before also. Once I had gotten everything I could get to trimmed, Heath came and popped the gaurd off and trimmed up some more.

Then I read Pumpkin some books and we told stories about butterflies in dance class and a make believe mouse that lives under Berry’s house and snuggles with him when it’s cold. Then I got some wood for the stove and rinsed hair off me and then did some work on the OT video and then Heath and I watched the 4th Game of Thrones before heading to bed.

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