Pumpkin had a good day at school, she did great in underpants but did not make it through nap time. So she is going to keep wearing diapers while sleeping for a while. She was in a great mood when I picked her up and on the way home but once in the door she grouchy. We tried food, bath;s, books, games anything to get her in a better mood but she was not having it anything we did she wanted the opposite. After a bath and pajamas we tucked her and baby in on the couch and let the Wonder Pets deal with her. She calmed right down and was great the rest of the night.

She just needed some time to relax and get herself together. During all this confusion Heath and I were trying to get dinner ready. We planned to have quiche but I think we should call it breakfast pie.

In a glass dish I made some Bisquick biscuit dough and spread it out. Then we mixed eggs, ham , cheese and spinich and put it on top and let the whole thing bake.

Once it was almost done we covered it in cheese, baked it a bit more, then sliced it up. The biscuits really took over.

Since Pumpkin was doing so much better we didn’t want to start things up again so we had TV tray dinner. With the pie we had butternut squash fries and fruit cocktail.

We watched all the Neapolitan Dynamite cartoons from the weekend and Pumpkin was in a great mood. She ate all her squash and then stole most of Heath’s. We ate up all but one slice of the pie and then I had some cereal.

After dinner we played around with some camera accessories and stuff and looked at some pregnancy picture ideas. Heath put Pumpkin to bed and then we watched 2 episodes of Game of Thrones.

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