Toss Some Cinnamon in Your Pancake Batter


Pumpkin was hungry on the way home from school. I put her at the island and started putting food in front of her while I cooked dinner. She started with wheat noodles and fruit until brinner was ready. I cooked up Cinnamon pancakes first then sausage, biscuits and warmed up the eggs from the night before.

Heath and Peanut got home and we all dug in. Most of the pancakes went fast and we put some vanilla yogurt on them. Heath and I made some sandwiches.

After dinner Pumpkin and I headed to Walmart and Heath and Peanut got ready for scouts. On my backpacking trip I got some sand or something in the old camera and it stopped working. It has about 6 months left on the 2 year warranty so I planned to turn it in. Once there I realized it’s all done on the web and not in the store. Pumpkin and I still got the other stuff we needed and then headed home.

I’m not really sure what went on at scouts.

Once home Pumpkin hopped in the sink and I got groceries inside, fire stoked, laundry moved and her clean. Then she went potty and got ready for bed. We read one book in the bathroom and one in her room. Then we told stories and I left. I did some dishes and cleaning and putting away stuff from Walmart. I got online and filed a claim on the camera and then Heath and Peanut got home.

Peanut got ready for bed and we talked with Felicia for a bit. Then we watched another Game of Thrones before bed.

Before work yesterday we checked in on Baby 3 and things are going well. We have about 7 weeks left. After the appointment we got signed up to deliver at St. Joe and did a little refresher tour.

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