Pine Wood and Maple Wood

 IMG_2069  Camera 360

I got out pretty late on Friday and Heath had both the kids home and hungry. We decided to use a groupon deal that was about to expire and go to Chelly’s for dinner. Before we left Peanut got a coat of primer/paint on his pinewood derby car. Camera 360

I read him the directions then let him do do it. Then we went to dinner. Heath and I split fajitas for 2 and the kids each got a kids menu item and we owed about $5 and everyone left stuffed. Once home Peanut put down a second coat of paint on his pinewood derby car.
Camera 360

We got the kids to bed, I did a bit of packing and preparing and then Heath and I watched Game of Thrones till bedtime.

Saturday morning we got up kind of early, I got the kids fed and then we headed to the Post Office. We got there right after they opened and got our passports applied for. It took about 30 minutes to get them all done and the 1 guy working had quite a line waiting for him when we left.

When we got home Jon and Tony were finishing packing up Tony’s truck. I helped grab the last few things and we headed off to the farm to cut wood. Peanut’s car was dry so he could start on the next phase. Heath gave him a sharpie and he drew squigly camo shapes.


Once he had drawn everything he was going to do he got out the paints and filled them in.


I think he really had a good time and it turned out looking great.


Tony, Jon and I got to the farm and it was colder and windy. We checked out a new house Tony’s dad had gotten and an old barn and then got busy warming up.
Camera 360

Last winter we had cut down a huge tree and drug lots and lots of logs up next to the barn. We didn’t get through all of them so this trip was to clean it up. We broke the big logs loose of the frozen ground and then cut them into rounds.

Camera 360

We had 2 chainsaws and a handful of mauls and took turns cutting, moving rounds, splitting wood and stacking. Camera 360

After working a bit we took a break to make lunch. We had started a fire right away and finally had some good coals. We made burgers and fries.
Camera 360

After lunch we got back after the pile. Camera 360

We stacked wood in the back of Tony’s truck and then along a fence row and little by little we got everything done. The pile of logs got smaller and the firewood row grew.

Camera 360

Then everything was gone.

Camera 360

We had a nice fire going and decided to hang out by it for a while and drink some beers and burn up the rotten or unruly chunks. Camera 360

We got all our stuff packed away and mostly stayed close to the hot fire as it got colder and more windy.

Camera 360

We hung out well past dark and ended up drinking all the beers. Luckily we already had dinner warming in a crockpot back at the house.

Camera 360

We ate chili and found a few more beers and then fought with the pellet stove for a while.

Camera 360

We got it going but it never really got super hot. We slept in sleeping bags on the floor in front of it and were quite comfortable.

In the morning we packed up a little bit and headed out. We got breakfast in Cameron on the way home. Jon and I spent the afternoon watching football and the kids. Then Heath and I spent the evening watching football and the kids. We ate the rest of the chili and some other stuff.

We got the kids to bed and after the end of football we went to bed too.

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