Pappy’s Little Broadcasters



It was a pretty intense night. After work I picked up Pumpkin and rushed to pile up stuff to load in the van, cook all the ckicken nuggets I could find, get the wood stove going, get rice cooking and anything else needed to get us going. Heath, Peanut and Peanut’s friend got home and Peanut got on his uniform then we all piled into the van and headed to my office. For some reason I had dreams of actually getting some real work started but that did not really happen.  Instead we started getting ready for Den 1.

I put Spongebob up on the computer, got out the dry erase markers and set the kids loose in the conference room while Heath and I tried to round up any one not finding the studios. Eventually we had 7 boys and a handful of parents and the radio station tour began.   IMG_2084

I took the group around the office and talked about the newsroom and offices and then we headed to the on air studio to talk with the announcer about how she kept us on the air. Then we went next door to the talk studio and played Steve Kraske and talked a little bit about how the talk shows work.  IMG_2094

I was really surprised at how much fun the kids were having.


Then Heath, some coworkers and I split the kids into two groups. Half of them helped me run the control board in an empty production studio.


And the other half sat down for a brief interview in front of the mics.


My team made the mic hot, brought up it up to the right level and then Heath had the boys tell their name, their favorite super hero or movie and what they like about scouting. Then my team would bring that mic down and bring the next mic up.

Then everyone traded places.


and we did it all again with the boys learning the other side.


Once it was done I played back their recording and showed them the waveform of their voices and talked about what the loud and soft parts look like and answered a few questions.


Then we had cookies and the kids got some I <3 KCUR buttons and they headed out. The parents seemed super excited about the tour and all and said the kids had a great time. It actually was a lot more fun then I expected.

The kids left and we went back to my office for a little bit so I could get some real work stuff going and then we rushed home. Pumpkin had snacked the whole time but we gave her a little bean burrito and Heath got her ready for bed.

Meanwhile Peanut got showered and in pajamas and I cooked up a quick taco salad fest, crispy tortillas, then refried beans, taco burger meat, cheese, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, celery, cilantro, tomatoes and then topped with cheese, salsa and ranch. Peanut had a bean and beef burrito and then just beans and chips. I engulfed mine and then read Harry Potter out loud until Peanut’s bedtime.

Once he was done, Heath and I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones. We were really not ready to be out of episodes so I think I may have to start reading it soon.

After our show it was time for bed. I got up early and did a bunch of cleaning and then headed into work early to get the stuff finished I had started after the tour.

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