Goood Mooorninggg

Camera 360
Today’s Subject is brought to you by Heath’s phone alarm that is stuck in my head.

It was kind of a busy messy night but a productive morning. Also I got no pictures from last night but a few from this morning. Heath left work early, picked up Peanut and a friend from school and brought them home to play. Then she cooked us dinner. She made BBQ pork cutlets, squash, rice, carrots and pineapple.

I picked up Pumpkin on my way home, dropped her off then ran to Aldi. Pumpkin played a bit then ate dinner.  I got some groceries and forgot some groceries then picked up Pumpkin and headed to Tumbling class. Pumpkin asks about “dance class” all the time and is usually super excited. Last night it was not the case. On the way to class she said she wanted to stay home but I didn’t think much of it. Once at class we took off her coat and shoes and she said she wanted to keep her shoes on. That was fine so I led her into the classroom then waited in the lobby. 2 minutes later she came out screaming that she did not want to go to dance class and she wanted to go home.

We talked a bit in the lobby and eventually she agreed to go into class with me and watch. The kids were dancing and warming up and having a great time and wanted her to join. As soon as I set her down she was screaming again and we went outside and talked some more. We worked out a deal where she could dance then have a snack or she could go home and get ready for bed. She choose dance but once again started crying when we went inside.

I gave up and we headed home with no snacks. She relaxed in a tub bath and seemed immediately back to normal. I have no idea what was up but we think maybe it was Heath not being at class too. I got my dinner ate and the fire going and Heath took Peanut’s friend home and then went to PTA. Peanut got his dinner ate and a shower taken. Pumpkin had a couple of late nights and the the whole dance mess so I got her in bed early and she never made any noise so I think she was out quick.

I worked on Jailbreaking my ipad2 real quick then once Peanut was ready we read Harry Potter until he needed to go to bed. Then we read a few more pages and he went to bed. I started making mashed potatoes for tonight dinner. I had a big bag from wallmart and they were not that old and felt hard but once they were pealed they were pretty nasty. I pealed a bunch looking for good ones but never found any.  Heath got home and we decided to make home made crockpot mac and cheese instead of mashed potatoes. I got that started then watched House with Heath. Then I read a bit and we went to bed.

This morning I finished making the mac and cheese. Camera 360

Then I injected a chicken with BBQ sauce and home made porter.

Camera 360

Then I used bisquick and a bottle lid to made a bunch of mini biscuits. Camera 360

I fried up some cheesy eggs and cut some ham. Camera 360

The biscuits finished cooking while I built up the fire and showered and then we had little sandwiches for breakfast.

Camera 360

Everyone else got up in good moods and we headed to work and school.

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