Mmm Thumbs, Nom nom nom

Pumpkin and I got home first and opened up the door to some great smells. First I turned off the chicken and opened it up to cool.

It had cooked all day on a bed of red onions, after the insides had been filled with BBQ and porter. Then I opened the mac and cheese and it was not as great. Once opened I smelled burnt cheese, There was a solid ring around the outside of the pan that was burnt and bad. I took out the burnt section and the rest tasted overcooked but otherwise okay.

Then we got corn, beans and pie made. Peanut worked on homework and when Kelly and Mom showed up they helped him.

He took a little break to help me make chocolate pudding pie. Kelly had a trunk-full of beer and diapers for us we unloaded. Once Chris showed up we checked out his new car and then sat down to eat. We also warmed up some tortillas soup and I had shredded the chicken at some point so we tossed it on buns with BBQ, provolone and pickles.

Drake watched us eat and did some smiling.

After dinner Drake rolled around on the table some then we played a game and he was mesmerized by the card spitting penguin.

After a few games everyone headed out, I cleaned up the kitchen, Peanut cleaned up himself and Heath got Pumpkin in bed. Then it was Harry Potter time. I had forgot the ipad so we read it on the laptop. We went a little over bedtime and got 2 chapters down so we only have 2 chapters left until we are finished with book 1.

Peanut headed to bed, Heath and I made Valentines weekend plans and then we did a bit of reading before bed. In the morning I got a bunch of stuff down from the attic for Felicia’s wedding planning and our baby planning. Then I built a little cinder block ash pit for my wood stove ashes in the backyard. Then I took down some boards I was using in the woodshed to hold up rows a while back. Then I did some more dishes from the night before and got breakfast cooked and a dinner plan made before waking everyone else up.


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