The Derby and Everything

I am so behind. We had a big weekend followed by a few sick days. I’m not even going to try to put it all in order. First off last nights crock pot enchiladas.

I thought about doing some sort of poll to guess what meat I used in them but we have too much to do today. It was not beef, chicken, pork, deer, or shrimp. Here is a closer look of the meat in a pan with taco seasoning and onions.

I’ll tell you what it was at the end.

So the pinewood derby.


The track had 3 lanes,
32 feet of downhill track and then little lights went off at the bottom to determine what place they are in. IMG_2172

Each kid raced 9 times against whomever they wanted.
Then they took a break and let non legal cars race while they found the top 3 kids of each den. Then those 3 raced. Then the top 3 of all raced.

I think Peanut got 1st three times, 2nd four times and 3rd two times. He did good but not fast enough to race again.


Pumpkin and Peanut’s brother watched some and then played cars and trains.

At some point we went to the park. IMG_2209

Alli and Jon came over and the girls played on the trampoline.

We played play dough.

And finger painted

And colored.

We also got new dryer on craigslist that drys so much faster then our old dryer and is quieter and has a working timer. We did some cleaning, lots of laundry and even a little work on the kitchen remod by adding electrical outlet to the bar and getting rid of the old vent hood. Heath and I were both sick for parts of it and we got through a whole season of Weeds laying around, watched several movies and we both read a bunch of Game of Thrones on our phones.

Okay last night’s dinner. In reverse. I forgot to get a picture of my plate but it looked and tasted great. Pumpkin and Heath cleaned their plates before I mentioned what the mystery meat was.  Here was the crockpot before it started cooking. I didn’t have enchilada sauce so I melted cream cheese and blended it with a can of diced tomatoes and seasoning and then poured that on top.

Here they are pre-sauce.

Here is meat, beans, seasoning, and cream cheese in pan.

Once the meat, beans and cheese were good i mixed with a bunch of corn and rice. Close up of the meat, seasoning and onions cooking.

Closeup of the meat before it went into the pan. I think it was already cooked because it was so tender. It was pretty fatty stuff.

Here it is in the jar, two shots.

Now you can see why I didn’t tell Heath what I had put in the enchiladas until she was done. And the lid of the jar we got from Alaska.

It’s a little tough to read in the picture if you either don’t see pictures when you read my posts or can’t read what the meat was let me know, I’m curious about my users experience.

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  1. Lynsey says:

    The enchiladas look yummy! I would be “game” to give them a try…bad joke, sorry… Red chile sauce isn’t hard to make…you should give it a try sometime. Your cream cheese sauce looks good too.

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