35 Weeks Down, 5ish To Go

The doctor appointment went well. Heath and the baby are both right where they belong at 35 weeks. The baby is pretty developed and just going to grow. We are going to check on him every week now until she comes out. Heath is starting to use the “I’m to pregnant to do the dishes excuse” but I am excepting it as a valid reason for 3 more weeks.

This morning I got up early and made smoothies and read my book because I was still not really feeling healthy enough to split like I had hoped. Heath and Pumpkin slept in a little then I moved Pumpkin and they helped each other get going.

Once up they woke the baby up with some kisses.

They took showers and got dressed and off we went.

Last night our Parents as Teacher lady came over and hung out for almost 2 hours and ate dinner and everything with us. Before she got there I got a lasagna I had prepared earlier heating up and made a salad and warmed up garlic toast while Pumpkin played Ipad.

That was about it for the night. We ate and talked about Pumpkin then everyone went to bed.

I forgot to mention the night before we went to the Well right after work and tasted some of the Boulevard Chocolate Ale that took over the city. The beer was nothing special but the weather and humus on the roof was awesome. It was a really quick beer and appetizer and then we rushed off to dance class.

This week went as bad as the week before. We could not get Pumpkin to participate, even with us in the room or holding her hand. She just screamed and wanted to go home even if we said dance or bed she choose bed. We have no idea how dance went from something she wanted to do every day to terrifying. So we had paid for a month and the month was up. Pumpkin is retiring for a few months.

Even though neither of us were wild about it Heath still got a bottle of Chocolate Ale yesterday and I took a picture of it next to 2 beers that I am much more excited to drink.


The Tank 7 is the best boulevard stuff I have ever tasted. The Bourbon Barrel Quad is another rare one that I have not tried yet. It is over 11% alcohol and I am expecting it to be amazing.

Okay enough for today.

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