Football Party is Yum

Friday night we made Pizza.

Awesome home made deep dish pizza. Pumpkin and I got home first then Stooks came over then Heath and Peanut got home and we got started making pizza. I made a little one for the kids and the ate it while watching a movie.

While the kids were eating and watching a movie we made our deep dish. We rolled out dough and put a cast iron skillet in the oven for a while. Then laid the crust in the hot pan. Then filled it with cream cheese, sauce, cheese, peppers onions, pepperonis, ham, cheese, tomato slices and more cheese. Then I lowered the heat a bit and put it in the oven.I let it cook longer then a normal pizza then slid it out of the skillet.

Then we sliced it up and dug in.

The rest of the night we just hung out and got everyone in bed and stuff. In the morning Pumpkin woke us up super early but we all got back to bed and slept in. Then we ate a bunch of cereal. While Pumpkin and I were working on our second bowls Heath and Peanut got busy making a valentine collecting box for school.

They wrapped a box in plain paper and then cut a hole for the valentines. Then Peanut decorated it with National Park and Star Wars stickers.

I got everyone interested in a possibly muddy hike. We all got dressed and loaded up the gear and the dog and everything. As we headed out the door Heath mentioned going to Walmart after. We decided we would be too muddy so better go before. While over there I decided to run to Lowes first and by the time we got done shopping the kids were starving and it was raining pretty good. Instead of hiking we headed to McDonalds play place.

The kids played really good and I got a bunch of food. Everyone ate up everything and then they went back to playing. Heath and I talked some and read some and then got ice cream. The kids came out of the play place to eat ice cream and then played some more. We were there for like 2.5 hours before we got the kids out of there and headed home. Once home Pumpkin laid down for a nap and Peanut got packed for a sleepover.

Stooks came over and we messed around the house not sure what to do. Pumpkin’s nap was really short and she was back in action. We had a pretty simple dinner and watched some tv and stuff until Pumpkin went back to bed. Then we played Clue and got to bed fairly early.

Sunday we spent all day getting the house ready for the Superbowl and relaxing. Peanut came back from the sleepover and both kids took giant naps while Heath and I laid on the couches and read. Late in the afternoon people started showing up and we got out a huge spread.

5lbs of bone in and boneless chicken wings, Zio’s spaghetti and meatballs, dips cheeses, cookies, chocolate things, cocktail wieners and all sorts of stuff. Even the kids stuffed their faces.

I think we had 14 kids and adults there to watch the game on our 2 tv setup.

Since there was not a lot of concern for who would win I set up a game where everyone “bet” on 17 questions like the coin toss and total points at quarters and what song Madonna would open with. The top 3 point earners would have their choices of 3 prizes. A sled, battleship, and fancy cake. So besides the teams we cheered for some weird things. Jon and Felicia ended up tieing for first. Jon took the sled

And Felicia took Battleship.

Stooks got 3rd and got some pretty fancy cake that came with it’s own mini spork.

The kids ate pretty much non stop and did some coloring and played Wii and watched Ipad and had lots of fun.

After the game everyone headed out and we saved most of cleanup for tonight. It was a tough morning after Pumpkin had trouble sleeping and got us up a few times.

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