Funny Face

Dinner was suspiciously easy last night.

I just took Superbowl leftovers out and warmed them up. It was shocking.

No, I’m not sure how Heath ended up with all these weird pictures but it’s better then the broccoli flying into my mouth one.

So dinner was good and we all ate it up pretty quick.

Everyone was tired and cranky. Pumpkin got a bath and then I tried out an experiment for bedtime. We worked out a deal with the kids where Pumpkin could sleep on Peanut’s bottom bunk. I got her pajamas on her 30 minutes early and she laid in bed and watched a cartoon. I read in a chair just outside the door and checked on her. Peanut got showered and did homework and everything. Pumpkin got out of bed a few times. I put her back each time and talked about putting her back in her room if she could not stay in bed and go to sleep. After her show I turned off the tv and down the lights and went back to my post outside her room. She got out of bed 3 times and I moved her to her room.

She proceed to yell “Dada” while Peanut Heath and I read and got him ready for bed. When it was Peanut’s bedtime we tried again. He laid in the top bunk and her on the bottom. She was going to do such a good job.

I went back to reading and shortly later Pumpkin was out of bed again. Even when she had to know I was still in the doorway she got out. So she went back to her bed and Peanut slept alone. Instead of getting to bed early or even on time she fell asleep way late so the experiment was a big let down.

I spent most of the night reading and not cleaning up Superbowl debris. Then I got up early and split wood instead of doing dishes. But I did make a todo list.

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