Winter is coming

Kidding of course,  there was just a mini dusting The1st hour after Pumpkin and I got home I got busy cooking and doing superbowl dishes. Heath and the kids all hung out down stairs, watching Toy Story and playing legos and working and whatever. It took right at an hour to get the dishes all done and breakfast all cooked. The country potatoes took the longest and we also had sausage, french toast (on french bread) and some yogurt with fruit.

The 2nd hour was spent at the dinner table eating.

Both the kids did a good job eating. Pumpkin didn’t eat all of her french toast but she ate some and sucked all the powdered sugar and syrup off what she didn’t eat. Once our plates were happy I brought out breakfast dessert.

Toaster Stroodles! They were a big hit.

The 3rd hour We finished up and Peanut cleared the dishes, He usually has to get all the trash but Pumpkin volunteered to do that job so we had him rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Pumpkin helped/slowed him down by taking a bath at the same time.

Pumpkin kept stealing the water from the faucet or turning it hot or cold or anything she could think of to mess with him but Peanut did a great job. I got Pumpkin clean and in pajamas and ready for bed.

Once all her stories were over (she requested one about a towel) she went to bed and I headed out.

During the 4th hour I drove to the Tap Room and had some drinks with Stooks.

We had some really tasty beers and enjoyed people watching on Trivia night.

In the 5th hour I headed to work and rebooted some stuff and tried to fix some issues that are best done when no one is working. Then I headed home and hopped in bed.

I was only conscious for a bit of the 6th hour I sent some e-mail from bed then rolled over and fell asleep.

This morning split some wood and looked at the snow. Reheated breakfast leftovers for the kids breakfasts.



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