4 Weeks


We had pre baby doc appointment this morning. I got Peanut to school early and then Pumpkin wished us luck before we dropped her at daycare.



The appointment went well. Heartbeat and size and everything was right on track and going well. So far we have been staying pretty relaxed.


Last night when we got home Pumpkin ate raisins and we got the fire built up and started making dinner. While waiting for the rice to cook she got busy coloring.

Peanut did some final touches on his valentines box.

Then dinner was ready and Heath dished us up.

It was a chineese chicken deal with a honey orange sauce on crispy chicken. I expected the kiddos to love it.

They thought the same thing.

But somehow they did not like the chicken and focused their eating on rice, shrimp and veggies. I liked it though and even had seconds.

After dinner the kids took baths and showers and I did a few random chores and then got pinned to the couch with my book. Heath got Pumpkin in bed and Peanut played iPad until bedtime. I read until my bed time and then this morning finished the first Game of Thrones book.

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  1. Becky says:

    4 Weeks?!?!?! I am sure it doesn’t seem like it to you but I can’t believe the little one is almost here. We will def be outgrown of the swing by then (sadly I am thinking 2 weeks tops) and it will be yours for the borrowing.

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