Kid Free Kearney


Friday after work we did some last minute packing and preparations. I had cooked a roast in the crock pot and the house smelled pretty awesome. Felicia came home from work and we got Pumpkin started eating and we tossed some roast in Tupperware for us and headed out leaving Pumpkin with Felicia and Tony for the weekend. Heath and I drove north for 30 minutes or so.

We had booked a suite in Kearney. We didn’t really seek Kearney out but we found a relatively cheep room with a 2 person jacuzzi tub. IMG_2499

Once we got checked in and all we were really pleased with the room.  The tub was the big draw but the room was giant and had a fridge and microwave, big tv, recliner and two sinks.  IMG_2628


We got settled in and had our dinner and watched some movies from the tub. Later on we went out a bar and grill. Well first we went to the bar and discovered it full of smoke so we headed nextdoor to the restaurant and split some nachos. Saturday we had a pretty good continental breakfast after sleeping in then spent the whole day in the room. We watched a lot of tv and movies and read a bunch. For dinner we went out into the cold and got some pizza from an Italian place. We stayed up late and slept in past breakfast on Sunday. We got up in time for one more tub show then checked out right at final checkout.

We headed to Smithville Lake. We parked at a trail and got busy hiking.  IMG_2632

When we left the van in was 28F but sunny and no wind and felt much warmer then it had been.

We headed down to the water and checked out the ice.  IMG_2637


We hiked around for about an hour and then headed back to the car. We saw some Hawks but not much else.  IMG_2649

It was 32F when we got back to the car and we headed back South. We headed to the KC Rep’s Tom Sawyer play. On the way we got some Subway sandwiches and then made it just in time. The play was okay. Then we headed home and gave Pumpkin lots of hugs.

It sounded like she had a really full fun weekend with Tony and Felicia.

They played all over the place with all sorts of people. We all went to Lews for burgers and stories and it was really good. Then Pumpkin got ready for bed and we watched a bit of tv and read some then went to bed.


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