Got my Workout in Yesterday

I started yesterday with an early call from the station and around 5 I gave up on going back to sleep. I had already seen the snow. I got the driveway all shoveled but at that point it was still snowing and once done it was back to being white in no time. After work I rushed home to see the girls. Pumpkin’s daycare had closed with the Center district so they were home. Heath helped me get Pumpkin bundled up and we headed outside.  IMG_2673

She started out with glove liners on and big waterproof mittens. In no time she was without them.


We put them back on several times but would complain of her hands being hot. First we built the snowman.  IMG_2675

I had never seen a butterfly net used in snowman creation before.


Once he was mostly built…


we got out the sled and I ran around the front yard pulling Pumpkin.



Then I got worn out so we worked out a deal.


Then Pumpkin pulled me around.


We had a nice hill in the backyard so we gave up on pulling and went for the hill.



Then Pumpkin jumped on the snow trampoline for a bit.


I put away that sled and got out a disk.  IMG_2818

It worked great.


Pumpkin would sled down the hill and I would run along side her and catch her before she would crash.  IMG_2824

Then we would run back up the hill for another trip.  IMG_2816

We got hungry and I got tired so we decided to finish up the snowman and come inside.We gave him my hat filled with snow.

an orange piece of chalk for a nose, walnut eyes and a tree limb mouth.  IMG_2831


Then we made Heath give up the camera and come pose.


Heath gave Pumpkin a nice warm bath and I threw together a quick random dinner.

corn bread, sweet potato chips, fish sticks, peas and pinto beans. We were hungry and dug right in.

After dinner we played and looked out the window at the snowman and then read some books and got Pumpkin in bed. Heath, Felicia and I watched 2 episodes of House then I read until bedtime.


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