The Eater

I met Heath and Pumpkin at Aldi after work. We got a ton of stuff including a couple steaks for dinner. Once home Heath gave Pumpkin a bath and I grilled and cooked. Once it was done and Pumpkin was clean we had dinner.

asparagus, strawberries, peas, beans, steaks w/ mushroom gravy, big baked potatoes, spinach and carrots. It was a pretty awesome feast and really all we did for Valentines Day. Pumpkin ate 2 hot dogs instead of a steak and a bunch of beans, she also had a sweet potato instead of a baked potato.

I used a lot of fresh garlic on the steaks before grilling them and at first I thought it was too much but after a few bites I really liked he bite of the garlic. Everyone finished up with some pretty happy plates.

Pumpkin played around some then Heath read her a story and brushed teeth then I told her stories in the tent for a little bit. Heath and I relaxed and watched tv and somehow ate a whole valentines ice cream cake thing. It was made for 2 but pretty big and I’m not sure where we found the room for it.

After that we fought off diabetes for a while and that wore us off and we went to sleep.

Pumpkin got us up at 4 for no apparent reason then she went right back to sleep. We tossed and turned a while and did not go back to sleep. At 5ish we gave up and did some much needed cleaning.

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