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It was pretty nice out after work. Heath had tossed a lasagna I made the night before into the oven and some garlic bread so after making a salad and getting Pumpkin a snack we headed outside to play.

We tried to kick a soccer ball around and climb a tree but Pumpkin just wanted to color on the snowman remains with chalk. Heath read her book

and I started coloring on the ground and encouraged Pumpkin to join me.

Before heading back inside we took a few pictures of spring coming.

Right after we went inside my mom showed up for a birthday dinner. Pumpkin sang and gave her a card and we ate some pretty tasty lasagna. After dinner we headed to Mama’s for some frozen yogurt. It’s one of those fill your bowl with hundreds of whatevers and they pay by weight places.

Camera 360

Pumpkin and I split, banana, blueberry and angel food cake yogurts with blueberries, pineapple, cherries and a couple fruit snacks. They also gave Pumpkin a free stuffed animal and we all sat down and enjoyed our dessert.

Camera 360

Once all the yogurt was gone we headed home. I did dishes and Pumpkin bath in the sink then Heath lathered her up with lotion and put her to bed. We got a bunch of laundry folded and put away then I read until bedtime. This morning I got up early to split but got sucked back into my book and did not make it out.


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