Friday Mike and Julie came to dinner. After work we got Pumpkin fed and some stuff cleaned up around the house then we made some awesome General Tsos chicken.

The noodles in it came from a packet and I had not intended for them to be apart of it but they were leftover from Pumpkin’s dinner so I tossed them in and some veggies. The chicken I bread and fried myself after marinating it overnight. Then we had some sauce from Aldi to pour on. We served it over rice and next to asparagus.

Friday we hung out and ate and talked all night. Saturday morning I got up really early and worked on a bunch of random projects around the house and in the garage. The girls slept in late then we all quickly ate some breakfast and headed to Jump, Jog and Jiggle with the Parents as Teachers group.

This was an Pumpkin activity hour where she got to run around with a bunch of other little kids and play. Afterwords we donated a van load of old clothes to Savers and got Pumpkin some new dresses and stuff. Then we headed over to my moms house for pizza and to pick up a bunch of baby gear that baby Drake did not need anymore.

Then we headed home and got Pumpkin down for a nap. I had projects to get after but instead I took a nap, Heath needed to get packed for the hospital but she took a nap too. After naps we had to hurry to get showered and changed and then headed to Peanuts Blue and Gold banquet.


This was a dinner a few awards for some scouts and lots of sitting around killing time. The boys told some jokes and did some skits. IMG_2934 Somehow Pumpkin did great for most of the whole 3 hours.  IMG_2941

As soon as it was over we headed home and got Pumpkin in bed. Heath and I sat on the couch and watched some tv and Stooks, Derrick and Jon came over and we all hung out late.

In the morning we had a big breakfast then headed outside and got busy brewing.  IMG_2946

It was great outside and while everything was cooking and stuff we played some hacky sack and kept and eye on the girls.


In the morning we made a Holiday Ale with Cinnamon and nutmeg in it.


In the afternoon we made a Blue Moon Clone.  IMG_2943

We grilled some burgers for lunch in between and Pumpkin laid down for a nap.

It was awesome outside all day and once both the beers were done we hung out in the driveway for a while. Eventually we headed inside for dinner and Pumpkin took a bath and we got ready for an early bedtime. Just before bed Heath got her hospital bag packed and I got the cosleeper set up.

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