Bubble Time

We are pretty much ready for the baby now and just hanging out and letting it grow and stuff. Heath is kind of hoping for tomorrow on the leap year day and I’m kind of hoping for another 2.5 weeks on Saint Patrick’s day. even Pumpkin has been asking when it is going to come out so she can get some more lap space for stories.

After work i got some deer steak cut up and cooking in onions, taco seasoning and diet coke. The girls played on the deck and blew some bubbles.

Once the steak was cooked we put it on chips with beans and cheese and made some really good nachos. The meat had a nice flavor. I had random chores I wanted to get done and worked on them. I got to run the chain saw for a few minutes to aid in my splitting this morning. Stooks came by to hang out. Heath headed to another cub scout meeting.

I got Pumpkin bathed and then she did every puzzle we could find before reading some books and getting in bed. Stooks and I had a beer then Heath came home and we got a mini truck load of wood from the back of the yard and moved it to the shed before the rain comes tonight.

The rest of the night we all just hung out and watched tv. Stooks left and Heath and I read until we fell asleep.

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