The Wildling

Once home I got busy making 2 dinners, one for last night and one for tonight.

First ready was some spaghetti for Pumpkin.


Next I got Heath’s spinach, bacon, ham and cheese omelet ready, then mine then Pumpkin’s bacon and cheese omelet.

While the omelets were cooking I also cooked chicken and made a mix of it with seasonings, cheese, beans, corn and more spinach and then turned it into enchiladas.

Actually I ate my omelet before the enchiladas were ready. Then Heath did the dishes and Pumpkin finished up with some leftover baked beans.

We got Pumpkin bathed and in pajamas and we folded baby stuff and did some organizing and then Heath and I left for the Kauffman Center. Felicia and then Heath’s aunt watched Pumpkin for us.


We went to hear “Photographer Annie Griffiths presents ‘A Camera, Two Kids, and a Camel’

“I have learned that even without a shared language, it’s easy to let people know that their children are beautiful, their homes are lovely…and that their stories are worth sharing with the world” – Annie Griffiths

Experience the life of a photographer on assignment for National Geographic magazine, and meet a true pioneer who figured out her own way to balance work and family.”


We were not sure what to expect but it was pretty cool, the theater had a giant screen and she had a clicker and pretty much just talked of her adventures and showed off her pictures and stories.

After the show we headed home and I needed a bowl of cereal, then we just read until bedtime.

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