Surprise! It’s A……

Haha, Just kidding. Chris is having a busy day at work, and I thought I’d stop in to say we haven’t had the baby yet, but hoping sometime soon. I have a Dr appointment this afternoon to check on progress, and to ensure I’m measuring right, listen to the heart beat, etc.

We had a good night last night. Pumpkin’s Parents As Teacher lady was coming at 5:30 for our meeting and to have dinner with us, so Chris had prepared enchiladas the night before.Camera 360
It was really nice weather, so Pumpkin and him went out to jump on the trampoline and I read while dinner heated up.
Camera 360
I had gone into work early for a meeting so I got home early, and had time to clean the bathroom, vacuum, general pick up, and even sorted toys from the play room before they got home. After the trampoline, Pumpkin and Chris peeled and cut up apples (well, Pumpkin mostly ate them, and Chris was having a hard time getting enough to cook with ) for some delicious apple cinnamon cupcakes.

After dinner and our visit, Pumpkin went to bed, and then Chris and I watched some TV, and then read until sleepy time.

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