Celebrating Spring

Yesterday not today, today it feels like 31F and says “A period of mixed rain and snow between 10am and noon.” We left work early and headed to the baby doc. Everything is still going well. Heath is dilated to 3 now and the baby is doing just fine. It seems like for the last week we have really been on our toes ready for the baby but at the appointment we realized the due date is almost a week away still and Pumpkin was almost a week late so it may be a while still.

After the doc we grabbed a snack or two, the stroller and the camera and picked up Pumpkin and went to Tower Park.

First off we walked the loop there to get some exercise and give Pumpkin a chance to snack. Once we finished the loop and started getting close to the playground, she left the stroller and took off running for the park.  IMG_3006

The park was packed with kids playing and we joined in.  IMG_3013



After playing a while we decided to go see Alli down the street.

Camera 360

She was in the garden with her parents digging and mixing soil and planting carrots. The girls played and the parents talked a while then we got hungry and headed home.

I got the grill going, Heath made bacon and gravy and Pumpkin got Berry a drink.

Camera 360

Sure he has a big water bowl right behind Pumpkin but they both seemed to really enjoy Pumpkin filling him up little cup after cup and he would drink it all gone and she would fill it up.

For Valentines day we had bought some nice beef fillets and didn’t end up useing them so cooked them last night.

They were tiny so I also cooked some extra hamburgers for me and hotdogs for Pumpkin.

We also had green beans and super loaded baked potatoes.Pumpkin also had some noodles and apple sauce. It was still light and warm enough to eat outside on the deck.

The steaks turned out awesome and we covered them with a chunky mushroom gravy.

The gravy was so good I ended up covering the bacon and cheddar on my baked potato with more gravy.

It was getting dark when we finished but there was so much good food we ate a long time. After dinner I gave Pumpkin a bath and offered her more hot dogs but she didn’t eat them.

Heath headed to get frozen yogurt with Tony and Felicia and I got Pumpkin clean, in pajamas, read to and in bed. Then I got the dishes and kitchen cleaned up. Everyone came home and we talked until bedtime. Then I read until sleep time.

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  1. Heather says:

    It’s snowing huge snowflakes here…in Olathe, KS at my office! Pretty crazy!

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