Still just the 4 of Us


And Heath is still hiking
Friday after work, Heath picked up Peanut and they went to Hobby Lobby to pick out a rocket for cub scouts and then to Walmart for some things. I picked up Pumpkin then went to Lews with Stooks for a drink then to Aldi for groceries. Then we all came home hungry. I started making breakfast for dinner. We had a lot of enchilada supplies so I made some breakfast ones with eggs, bacon, potatoes, ham, cheese and veggies.

We rolled them up, covered them in enchilada sauce and cheese and baked them.

While they were cooking  I made a bunch of waffles too, then we all dug in.

It was all really good. After dinner we went to Lowes then came home and got pajamas on. Once Pumpkin was in bed Peanut and I got out the rocket and started building.  IMG_3036

There was a lot more too it then we expected but we both had a great time. We got a lot of parts glued together Friday night before Peanut had to go to bed. In the morning I got up early and did a bunch of random stuff around the house and once Peanut was up and fed we got back after it with some extra help.


The hardest part was getting the fins glued on and not letting them fall off before the glue was dry.


Once everything was dry we sprayed it all with primer. Once that was dry we sprayed it yellow, once that was dry we taped some areas and sprayed it green.  IMG_3052

The bright yellow was to make it easy to find on the ground and the dark green was to make it easy to see in the sky. Once the green dried we pealed the tape and it looked great.


Then we added a shock cord and parachute and headed to Shawnee Mission Park to launch it.  IMG_3095

You may have noticed Peanut lost a tooth.

So we headed to the park early Sunday so we would have some time to play before the cub scouts got there.

We started off the trip with a little hike at the trail where I did my eagle scout project years ago.  IMG_3063

We checked on the trail and work we had done and it was in good shape still.


We barely got the hike in before hunger overtook the kids and they ran to the car for food.  IMG_3064

We found a playground with a close pick nick table and got busy.



Once the initial hunger was gone the kids would eat some and play some.  IMG_3075

We took our time and eventually lunch was all gone and the playground was getting a little old so we got busy on a sand castle.


First just a princess lived there but eventually a king and queen came and a bunch of flags and bridges and canons and alligators. While playing in the sand Heath got a phone call and found out the rocket launching was postponed. There was a burn ban for the wind and dryness.

That was a bummer but we were all having a good time and did not mind. After the park we went to the tower and climbed up to look around.  IMG_3091

It was supper windy up there so we didn’t stay long.


We headed home shortly later.

The rest of the weekend we played around the house in pajamas and had fires.

I got quite a bit of time to work on my wood piles and Peanut and I took the last of the big chunks off the ends of my piles and split them up so now I have no chunks left around to split and I’ll need to find some more.I went to Kevin’s bachelor party for a bit on Saturday night and finished book 3 of Game of Thrones last night. Heath finished reading Fight Club, got some exercise and some rest and everyone waited on the baby.



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