It was pretty nice out last night and is going to be even better tonight. I had started a roast yesterday morning so the house smelled awesome and dinner was pretty much ready when we got home. Pumpkin had a 1/4 of a sunflower butter and honey sandwich and I got some green beans, cut washed and cooking then we headed outside to play on the swings.

Pumpkin and I both swang for a while but she grew tired of it and wanted to jump so we headed to the trampoline.

Not too long later Heath and Peanut got home and Heath rested while Peanut came to bounce Pumpkin.

They played ring around the rosy and tattle to dad and catch and all sorts of games.

Eventually all the tattling drove me away and I let them play on their own. Berry and I played fetch a bit then I went to get the table set and dinner served.

Heath and I called the kids in and we ate. They didn’t seem to like the look of the roast but once we forced some bites in them w/ time out threats they dug in and ate good.

After dinner Peanut hit the books and Pumpkin started making her mandatory nightly mess with her toys and dolls.

Heath had a strong chocolate cookie craving and got busy taking care of it.

Also she tried to talk Peanut into giving his other loose tooth a tug.

He was not having any of that. Soon enough though he will be missing both his top front teeth.We got Pumpkin in bed and Peanut showered then Heath and I watched some show that had survivorman in it while the cookies baked. Then we had giant bowls of cookies and ice cream and fell asleep.



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