Today is the Due Date


I picked up Pumpkin and we quickly packed a dinner and some toys and headed to Sunnyside Park. Camera 360

Peanut and Heath met up with us on their way home. We had hopped to grill but it was so windy. We walked the loop around the park and Pumpkin rode her car and Peanut his bike. There were low spots with less wind but we decided it would still be too hard to eat outside with such a strong wind. On the walk Pumpkin had a snack and a drink and once back at the playground the kids played great until our stomachs were rumbling.

We headed home and I fired up the grill

and the kids headed for the trampoline.

Dinner cooked really quick and I had everything packed so it was easy to get it going.

Then we headed inside to eat.

Everyone was hungry and it was a very kid friendly dinner so we ate about everything. Both kids ate 2 hot dogs and cleaned their plates.

After dinner Pumpkin and I did the trash then Heath gave her a bath. Peanut did homework and packed a lunch. Pumpkin and I read stories then she went to sleep. Heath and I started to watch some tv but our recording was bad so I read a bit and went to sleep early.

At school yesterday Peanut lost and swallowed his loose tooth so the top front of his mouth is empty now.


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