Good Kitty

Pratt the cat from next door is so good with Pumpkin. Last night he ran over while we were drawing a yellow pick up truck hauling a giant snowman with a shamrock on his hat.

So Pratt ran over and rolled around on the ground, Pumpkin ran over to pet him.

Her petting is good natured but could not feel good.

Pratt “played” and never got out his claws or hissed or anything and when he had enough he just stood up and jogged around in a circle. 

He could have easily escaped Pumpkin but he went just fast enough she could not catch him but slow enough she thought she could. It was pretty entertaining.

Before Pratt came by Pumpkin took a drive in the pink convertible to get some air while Heath and I walked.

Then we smelled the flowers

Pumpkin ate a good dinner of many of her favorites. Then we headed to a McD play place. Heath and I shared an ice cream and a chicken sandwich while Pumpkin played.

Heath’s sister came and picked up Pumpkin for a sleep over party. Heath and I headed home so I could do some work stuff real quick then we headed to the Brooksider. The parking lot and the bar were packed but we stumbled upon one of the closest parking spots and one of the best tables.We watched some basketball and got the the burger,fries and drink for $5 special. I had a few $1 draws and the shots girls where wondering around giving out free honey whiskey. It turned out to be a really good, cheep night.

We got home fairly early in time to get a few things done and then get to bed on time.

This weekend if there is no baby we plan to bottle some beers, and go to St. Pats parades on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday we did go to the baby doc and Heath got checked out and everything was going well. The doc predicted this weekend but if not we go back on Monday and get an ultrasound to make sure everything is still good. So we are right on schedule for next Saturday, St. Patrick’s day.

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  1. Becky says:

    I am so glad Pratt is good with her. She’s great experience for when he gets roughed up at home in the near future.

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