Pre Saint Patricks Day – Baby 3 Wants Out

We had a very busy Saturday. Once up we got cleaned and dressed and packed and headed out. Matt, Jon, Amanda and Alli joined us and we headed to Lee’s Summit. Our first stop was a $2 breakfast. We had biscuits, gravy, sausage, coffee and Guinness. After breakfast we headed downtown LS and did a kids Bit’s O Gold hunt.

It was pretty week. Then we headed to the park and played a bunch. After the park we went to a deck on a bar and hung out and had lunch and drinks. Then it was time for the Parade.

The parade was good and the girls had a lot of fun.

Afterwords we headed home. Pumpkin took a nap and we had some burgers and relaxed until she got up. Then we headed to Tony and Felicia’s new apartment and helped them move in.

Afterwords we were pretty hungry so came home and I started cooking up dinner. We had fried potatoes and mini pizzas on corn tortillas. Then Pumpkin went to bed. Heath and I watched some tv and I was dozing off during it so we went to bed.

We had a time change last night then Heath woke up a few times early this morning then got up at 5:45. She hung out and had a couple contractions then got me up after 6am. We went into productivity mode. Getting the van packed and us cleaned and the house all clean and everything in order. Heath had contractions all along but nothing major and cleaned and got ready around them.

At about 8am the house was looking good and we were ready to go. I cooked up a bacon and egg sandwich and we started timing the contractions on the iPad and getting the camera and computers in order.

So I did a post. I expect to head to the hospital in a bit. Say bye to the Belly.


 IMG_3274 IMG_3277

(pictures taken this morning)

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