The Birth Story of Liliana


Saturday morning Heath got me up early after she was having some fairly good contractions. We both jumped into action timing the contractions, packing the car, getting our stuff together and everything else we could think of to get done. Nothing really came from the contractions, they didn’t go away but they didn’t get stronger or more steady. We woke Pumpkin up and ate breakfast and poked around watching tv and staying ready.

Eventually we got hungry for lunch and decided to go get some Goodsence sandwiches. We packed everything in the car and planned to take Pumpkin to Jon and Amanda’s after lunch but the contractions did not seem to be progressing so we went to Big Lots to walk the isles. We walked around and Heath had a few contractions but no change. We decided to take Pumpkin home for a nap instead. While she napped Heath and I watched True Grit. After naps we ate dinner and headed to Walmart to walk the baby loose. We had a small list but wondered all over the store and ended up finding a bunch of clearance stuff we needed. It was time for Pumpkin to go to bed so we headed home and put her down. Shortly later Heath and I went to bed and slept well. Heath had a few contractions at Walmart and a few during the night.

I got a call from the radio station at 5am. It was a mini problem and solved from the bed. Just after getting ready to go back to sleep Heath had a contraction and got up. I urged her to go back to sleep but she wanted to get up and walk a bit. I fell right back to sleep and she started the contraction timer. At 5:30 she woke me up and thought things were getting real.

I took a super quick shower first. Heath got in after me and said it was getting harder and faster so I started running to repack the things we unpacked. I called my mom and the doctors office and Heath yelled periodically from the shower. We got all ready and mom mom showed up at 6:17am. We got Heath in the car and headed to the hospital. We went in at the ER and they tried to figure out what to do a few minutes then rushed us up to labor a delivery.

They got us in a room and Heath in a gown and in bed. Her contractions seemed pretty strong. They checked her and she was dilated to a 9 and ready to go but her water had not broken and the doctor was not there. They got all the tables and instruments and lights and stuff set up and asked us a few questions then the doctor showed up. She got on her doctor outfit and all clean then said “Let’s have this baby”. She broke the water and gave Heath a few sharp commands and then a contraction started. Heath pushed with her feet against some sirups and pulled on her legs with her hands and pushed. The doctor was feeling around and everyone was coaching. Heath started screaming and the doctor and nurses yelled at her to stop screaming.

The contraction stopped and the drill sergeant like doctor barked some commands and got ready. The next contraction came and Heath started taking deep breaths then pushing. Shortly later I saw the beginning of a wrinkly head covered in snot. The doctor reached around it, Heath pushed super hard and once the shoulders came free all if Bean came squirting out. I didn’t get a good look at the gender at first and they had started sucking the goop out of her mouth and nose and then Bean started screaming and they lifted her up. I told Heath we had another beautiful girl and they placed her on Heath’s chest.

We both saw a mini Pumpkin there and could not take our eyes off her. Shortly later I cut her cord and Heath ditched the placenta and got stitched up.
Bean and moved to a little table thing off to the side where she was wiped down a bit, weighed and measured.

Then we all got back together and hung out by the bed and got to know each other. I’m assuming the nurses cleaned up and stuff.

Eventually Bean and I went to get her some shots and cleaned up good. The doctor checked her out and she got a nice much needed bath. Heath joined us after a bit and once Bean was all set we all headed to our new room. Then we began the eating, sleeping, crying cycle.

I’ll be adding pictures pretty consistently to the smugmug so check them out.

Here are some recent favorites.

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