Homeward Bound

So Bean was born on Monday morning and we got settled in our room. Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday all kind of blur together in my mind. We took care of an infant, so not much sleeping.

Bean and Heath got exams every 4 hours, we had nurses coming in for ear tests, vaccines and all sorts of stuff.

Lilly mostly slept and ate. Lots of great friends and family came to visit us and meet the new Prewitt.

Wednesday my mom dropped Pumpkin off on her way to work and Pumpkin hung out in the hospital with us. She helped watch Bean and eat Heath’s lunch and played ipad and stuff.

After lunch we checked out of the hospital and headed home. We had great care at the nurses but I was really ready to get off the noisy cot and only have people around during the day and when we wanted. Once home we realized Bean was sleeping and decided to head to the pharmacy for some baby vitamins and stuff. We were all pretty beat so after that we had a nap part in our bed with both girls. We all slept about 2 hours and then I cooked some awesome spaghetti and we spent the rest of the night hanging out.

The last two days we have been working on a to do list for baby and home projects. One project was a photo shoot and it went pretty well.

We have been having good home cooked meals and running some errands to get Heath walking around. Last night we got a sushi plate since Heath had not been able to have any before. Our nights and naps have been getting better and better and we are all getting to know each other.

Shortly we are off to the doctor for Bean’s first post hospital checkup. I’m home for 1 more week and we would love visitors just let us know when.


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