1 Week Old

This post is already behind schedule as Bean is 1 week and 2 days old now.

I guess we have been home from the hospital 1 week now.

The most exciting news is probably that Bean had a doc visit yesterday and has gained 8oz in the last 4 days. At 2 oz per day this is really good for a newborn. Heath is breastfeeding her all the time but we have gotten as long as 4 hour stretches at night of sleep.

Peanut’s been home since Friday and is a big help with both his sisters.  IMG_3538


We have been getting of the house for adventures to eat or shop. Saturday we were shopping most of the day out at the Legends with Cousin Drake.

Otherwise we have been doing laundry and moving Bean into our room and various random house projects. Of course we rearranged some furniture too. I bottled my blue moon clone.


We gave Bean her first bath.


Random pictures:


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