A Day on the Trail

It is my last day of paternity break. We have gotten a lot of things done besides have a baby and we have had a lot of fun. Today and over the weekend I hope to finish off the todo list. Yesterday was a really nice morning so we went out to the park to let Pumpkin play, to get Heath some exercise and to take baby pictures.

It was pretty awesome outside and the trail by Leawood park was loaded with walkers runners and bikers all ready to smile at the newborn and the cheeto mouthed toddler.

We stuck Bean on logs,

wood chips,



and bridges

and shot away.

Pumpkin had a good time snacking and looking at the ducks and the 3 snakes we saw.

I hope to edit some pictures soon and then Heath and I should have a nice stock pile to design and print some birth announcements and stuff.

After the pictures and walk we played at the playground a bit then came home and ate a quick lunch of nachos and Pumpkin went to sleep. Heath and I work on a few things around the house like planting grass seed and took more pictures on the deck but the wind and clouds were being rough and Bean was not as into it.

Then Heath went to get Peanut from school while the girls slept and I started making pizza dough. Everyone got home and up and Amanda and Ali came over and we ate deep dish and regular pizzas. The ones made from Gates burnt ends leftovers were especially good. After dinner everyone played and burned energy until Heath took Bean and Peanut to scouts.

I gave Pumpkin a bath and then got her in bed and started working on an Easter present for her. Heath and Peanut got home and we headed to bed.



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