The Silly Girls

Heath is still home for a few weeks and yesterday got a bunch done around the house while I was at work and Pumpkin at school. So when we got home a lasagna was in the oven and she was getting garlic bread ready. We worked on random things for a little while and then our Parents as Teachers lady came. Pumpkin and her glued some papers together and made some projects that should help Bean develop her eye muscles and work on tracking.

Pumpkin got hungry, and we all sat down to eat and talk about the girls. Pumpkin told us the ABCs and a few other songs during dinner and did some other show off behavior. After dinner we did some more projects and Pumpkin set up a little plastic food picknick then the PaT lady left.

We stuck Bean in the sling and Pumpkin in her pink car and headed off for a walk. We walked just over a mile and it was really nice out. Pumpkin and I ran the last stretch home and of course she tripped and fell a few feet from our house. So to cool down and make her knees feel better we got out ice cream.

We ate on the deck and watched the sky change colors as the sun set.

After ice cream we wiped down Pumpkin and put on pajamas then got out the new books the PaT lady brought.

One was a high contrast book for Bean and the other was a Curious George book for Pumpkin. We read them booth and Pumpkin helped to show Bean hers and tell her about what was on the pages. Bean liked it so much she let her bowels go so I headed off to change her while Heath tucked Pumpkin into bed.

I was pretty beat from my first day back to work after a short night of sleep so we relaxed a few minutes then I went to bed. I’m guessing Heath watched tv in bed a while then went to sleep also.

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