I didn’t take any pictures last night so here is a cute baby I know.

It was a productivity night with out a lot of direction. Mostly we cleaned out the fridge of leftovers for dinner and all I cooked were some sweet potatoes, the rest was just reheating but everything was pretty good and now there is lots of fridge room.

While making dinner we folded and put away laundry. After dinner we headed outside and raked some leaves and cleaned up the yard. I spread some grass seed while off work last week and guessing getting the leaves out of the way will help it grow. Pumpkin jumped in the trampoline, followed me around the yard and swung on the swings for a bit. Then she took a bath.Heath got busy writing on baby announcements after we printed a bunch yesterday.

I did some work in the attic while Heath put Pumpkin to bed and then put together a bike for Pumpkin. Don’t tell but for Easter Pumpkin is getting a bike. I got most of it at the thrift store and cleaned and put it back together and cut off the peddles and painted it. Cut off the peddles? kind of like this

I’ve heard it is a good way to learn to ride a bike. Pumpkin is probably still too little young but I don’t think it will hurt to have a bike she can walk around and push herself around on. Once she gets good at balance and steering and being in control then we have Peanut’s old bike that is the same size and still has peddles.

That was about it for the night. The bike is about ready I just need a tube for the front tire and maybe some cool accessories.

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