Bean has a belly button

She used to have a chunk of dried up umbilical cord but it finally fell off yesterday.


I think we are all more comfortable now.

So Heath was busy at home yesterday getting Peanut a new bike to go with Pumpkin’s, cleaning the house and eating gyros with Stooks. I picked up Pumpkin and got her fed a snack and vacuumed, then we headed to the park.


She played a bit and we wondered around some then went potty in the pot and decided it was snack time. She had eaten half her snack at home and packed up the rest so we sat at a pick nick table and she ate some more.


Heath finished buying the bike and then her and Bean met us at the table.  IMG_3989

Both the little girls ate some then Pumpkin did some more playing.  IMG_3996

We moved to some benches and watched Pumpkin make friends.



After awhile we made Pumpkin come home with us. Once home Pumpkin took a bath and got on pajamas and we messed around the house a bit then Mike and Julie came over with home cooked lasagna, bread, salad, beer and dessert. We set up on the deck and got after it.

Pumpkin was pretty full from all the snacks and didn’t really eat but I had her share taken care of. It was really nice outside and we hung out until it was dark and lighting started striking a bunch. Then we headed inside and had some Hawaiian pie stuff.

This was creamy and fruity and I had 2 slices. The little girls slept and we hung out and talked until bedtime.

Mike and Julie left and Heath and I headed to bed.

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