One of the questions everyone asks us about having the new baby is how is Pumpkin doing as a big sister.

So far she is doing great. She asks what Bean is doing each morning when she wakes up and asks again when we pick her up from school. She worries when Bean cries and shares her best blankets and pillows and loves to snuggle up with her sister.

She also really loves having all the baby swings and chairs and things around because all her dolls and elmos and stuff used to have to sleep on the floor but now anytime we try to put Bean in the cosleeper we find big Elmo in there all tucked in already. We already decided to give up on one of our swings and make it just for Pumpkin’s babies. So I don’t expect them to get along this amazingly forever but for now they are cool.

The weather continues to be awesome and our motivation to enjoy it and get some light exercise is strong.  IMG_4012

After work I filled my pocket with snacks tossed some child carrying devices in the van and we headed to the Blue River Trail.


Bean napped and Pumpkin ate and Heath and I carried and walked and talked.

 IMG_4010 IMG_4020

We made our way to water a few times and saw some hawks and heard a deer.


We took a tiny break then moved on.


The way back we took a shortcut strait up a crazy steep hill. It was probably not a smart shortcut to take with a mom getting over a pregnancy and 2 little girls but Heath was motivated and I just followed her up.  We did fine and caught out breath then let Pumpkin out of the backpack to do some hiking of her own.  IMG_4028

She kept her eyes out for snakes and kept up really well. and in no time we were back at the car.


Then we headed to Target and got a few things and Bean got a diaper change and then a feeding in the parking lot and then we went home. Once home we got dinner ready and messed around the house. A bit later Heath’s sister and her boyfriend came to eat dinner and meat Bean.

They were coming from Omaha where he had just gotten a job and were very excited about the move and the job. They hung out all night and once they left we went to bed. Bean had been eating most of the night and she was not ready to stop so it was a late night getting to sleep but once she fell asleep she slept a long time (for an infant).

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