Picknics are Great


Once rounding up all the kids Friday we headed to the park and let them play a bit. The park we went to was packed full and after a bit Pumpkin had to pee but the bathrooms were locked so we headed over to Jon and Amanda’s house. Then we went home and made/ate a quick dinner and Jon, Amanda, Matt and Ali came over to hang out a while. Everyone left around dusk and the kids and us all went to bed.

In the morning we met up with baby Drake and his parents for breakfast.

We hit up Ryan’s buffet and did some serious damage. After breakfast we got busy on cleaning out the garage. I didn’t take any before pictures but it was pretty bad and hard to get all the kids in and out of the van.

I didn’t need lunch so worked hard until it was time for Peanut and I to pick up Jon and go plant hops at Stooks house. We planted 4 plants that could grow up to 20 feet high and produce some nice hops for brewing purposes.

(Jon putting in a nail for the string we installed for the bines to climb.)

Once all the rhizomes were in the ground we had a few beers then loaded up some firewood from a nearby score and then headed home.

Once home I had a few things to do in the garage then got dinner going. After dinner we hung outside for a bit and got out the tractor.

Just before the Final 4 I got in a quick shower and Stooks and Jon came over to watch. We put Pumpkin to bed but let Peanut stay up to watch it.

Sunday morning I got up and worked on a few projects around the house then made waffles, potatoes and bacon. Once Heath got up we had a big breakfast on the deck. Then Heath and Bean went shopping. Peanut and Pumpkin played tractor, trampoline and sandbox and I got the yard mowed.

Then I loaded up the truck and took Peanut and Pumpkin to the park. We rode bikes on the trail. I pulled Pumpkin in the trailer and Peanut rode his old little bike for one of the last times I hope. We had a great ride and ended up getting our feet wet in the creek at the end of it.

Heath and Bean joined us at the park and after we got back to the parking lot we set up a pick nick.  IMG_4079

Everyone ate pretty well even though the playground and good climbing trees were close by. After we ate and the kids played some we went for a walk. Bean in the stoller, Pumpkin in the pink car and Peanut on his bike.Of course the kids just wanted to play in the creek so we went back to an easy spot to get in.  IMG_4081

I tried to warn Heath that it would escalate from feet pretty quick but we decided that was okay.



Bean was awake looking around and we kept her in the shade



Once the kids were good and soaked we decided to head back.



We got back to the bikes and strollers and headed back a bit wet.  IMG_4123

Peanut and I got some ice cream and a movie on the way home and we all headed to the cool basement to relax.

We set up pillows and blankets for the kids and the home made blue moon clone for Heath and I and we watched the newish Muppet’s movie.

Pumpkin was not into it as much as I expected her to be but near the end she finally laid down and started watching really good. After the movie ended and we were getting ready to go upstairs we discovered she was so into it because she was asleep and had probably been resisting watching it earlier because she was tired.

We let her sleep and Peanut took a shower and I cooked up some hamburger helper taco stuff. Then we ate dinner and part way through Pumpkin woke up and joined us. The kids ate a good dinner so we had ice cream afterwords. Then we all read a few books together and the kids went to bed. I took a shower and then Heath and I went to bed too.

Bean was not as interested in a good night of sleep as the rest of us and didn’t let us sleep much last night.

My sister sister Carri was excited that her convent was on TV yesterday. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/01/soap-making-nuns-new-jersey-monastery-combine-practical-with-prophetic-and/?test=latestnews She does not have a speaking part but I think I saw her using a heat gun in the background a few times.

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  1. Lynsey says:

    I saw that story on our news last night and was impressed!

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