The Eater

Did putting a big picture at the top show how big Bean is getting? Anyway she has grown a pound since being born. Like most babies she lost some weight after being born until Heath’s milk came in but ever since she has been growing nicely. I’m not sure where Pumpkin was at 2 weeks but I was surprised to remember that she was growing fast early on also, from an old post:

“Yesterday was 1 week out of the hospital and she was up to 8lbs and 4 oz, so 13 ounces more in 7 days.”

Heath had boiled some potatoes and browned and seasoned some hamburger so dinner making was a breeze when Pumpkin and I got home. Pumpkin ate oranges and I made shepherds pie. I got a 9×9 pan tossed in the hamburger and some speg sauce and mixed it up, then a can of black beans and mixed them. Then 2 cans of green beans making the next layer, not mixed in. Then I made mashed potatoes by mixing the boiled potatoes with butter and milk and layering them in. Then I tossed it in the toaster oven at like 200 and started cleaning and setting the table and stuff.

When Heath, Bean and Peanut got home we added cheese to the top and turned up the heat for a few minutes then sat down to eat.


I had watermelon also and it made for a nice bribe to get the kids to eat so they both cleaned their plates for extra watermelon.  Jon called during dinner and afterwords him and Ali showed up to play and enjoy the weather. 

Bean was happy sleeping in the sling but the rest of the kids were not.

They had some fun but they were more tired then Bean and at least one was crying at any one point for the hour or so we hung out. They cried over where to play, over what to play, who got what swing, what the dog was doing, you name it and they cried about it.

We were still able to get the last of the leaves raked up and some other yard work done before deciding it was bath and bed time. We got the kids bathed and in bed early. The tiny ants have started to attack the kitchen so once everyone was in bed we fought back and cleaned everything up real good and put away all the food and food stuffs and then sprayed anti ant stuff all over. Then Heath, Bean and I hid in the bedroom and turned on the KU game. Heath and Bean watched it all but I fell asleep right away.

Bean had made for a terrible Sunday night but a great Monday night. She went to sleep right after the game and slept until about 5 am. Okay one more sad picture before I go.

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