poetry SLAM

Peanut’s first grade class hosted a poetry slam last night. Each kid wrote a few poems and colored some pages to go along with them and then family came to hear them. It was actually really funny and a good time as it only lasted about 30 minutes and there was punch and cookies. Peanut went first and did a great job.

Yesterday morning before work I made a big pot of chili and let it cook all day. On the way home from school Pumpkin and I got some corn chips and then once home she ate dinner while I straitened the house. Heath and Peanut got home shortly later and he ate too. Then we headed to the slam.


Heath’s mom and some siblings came to watch and after all the kids were done we all came back to our house for more chili. Pumpkin ate a couple of hot dogs and then got ready for bed. Everyone hung out and talked and ate and had some wine.

Just after Peanut’s bedtime and before mine Heath’s other sister stopped by on her move from Joplin to Omaha and spent the night at our house and left early this morning.

Also Bean made an appearance in my cousin’s blog about the great quilt she made her.


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