Easter Eggs

I hit up Aldi on my way home and loaded up with groceries. We were pretty low and have a lot going on the upcoming weekend so it was a big load. Heath and the kids got home right before me and they all helped carry in stuff from the truck.

Everyone was hungry and I got started on a quick dinner. While dinner was cooking I got 2 dozen eggs boiling also.


Heath tested Bean’s new Lyndseymade green owl sleep sack out while I was cooking.  IMG_4129

Dinner was ready and we got the kids busy first.

Then Heath and I joined them. It was a really Pumpkin friendly dinner, squash, boiled carrots & cabbage, pears, shells and white cheese with shrimp. She cleaned her plate and got seconds on most things. Peanut ate everything but the squash and Heath and I ate everything else up.

After dinner Heath went to get egg dye and things I didn’t find at Aldi and I got the kids showered and in pajamas and got the egg decorating setup ready. Then the kids got busy decorating.


We started out coloring on the eggs.


Heath came back and we started stamping and painting eggs.  IMG_4153


I think we all had a good time decorating all the eggs.


While Heath and the kids finished up, I got the dye ready and then Peanut helped me pick what eggs to put in each color.


The kids wanted to pull them out right away and were really excited. IMG_4171

Somehow we convinced them to leave them overnight. The girls got busy on reading books.

Peanut made his lunch for today and got his clothes ready. I got some laundry folded and Pumpkin’s clean blankets and sheets all ready in her tent. Then Pumpkin went to bed and Heath Peanut and Bean read for a bit while I folded more laundry.

Heath got Peanut in bed and helped me finish up the laundry and we watched tv/read for a bit before falling asleep.


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2 Responses to Easter Eggs

  1. Lyndsey says:

    That’s one cute baby in a sleep sack right there! I might have to try knitting dresses next… 🙂

  2. Aunt Colleen says:

    The sleeper sack is the cutest and handiest thing ever! I think Lilly slept snuggly in it almost the entire afternoon, when I was there yesterday. Lynsdey, you may have to take order’s:)

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