Weekend Prepping


We are planning on a pretty busy weekend. On the way to school this morning I was telling Peanut what we were doing when and finally I said “…and we may have some free time Sunday night”. So last night we were getting ready. Cleaning some and getting drinks ready and dips ready and all sorts of stuff. We grilled turkey burgers and dogs for dinner and everyone ate well. The kids got to play outside when they were not helping us.

Our Easter eggs turned out awesome.


They sat in dye for about 24 hours and came out super vibrant.  IMG_4179 IMG_4186 IMG_4182

Once they were all out and they dye was safely poured down the sink we added sparkles.


Besides getting things ready for an after work deck hangout with my coworkers tonight and an Egg hunt tomorrow with Heath’s family and Easter lunch at my mom’s on Sunday we did the normal evening stuff of baths and pajamas and books.

Once our To Do list was looking really good and the kids were in bed I headed to get some beer and soda then Heath and I relaxed and watched House. I drank a big strong hoppy IPA and she had a bowl of ice cream. Bean ate some then curled up in her sack.


It seems to be really hard to be awake in a sack.


So she went to bed.


Totally random but wanted you to know I really like google+ and think you should join and tell me your username. A good video to get started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6OG06vGixc

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