Easter Weekend

I’ve got like 200 Easter pictures from the weekend but they are kind of repetitious of us making and eating food and the kids hunting eggs.

We were party animals, Friday after work we quickly got drinks and snacks ready then headed out to the deck to wait for the radio station to come over. Heath and I sat out there and the kids played for quite a while and it seemed like no one was coming. Then all of a sudden lots of people all showed up nearly at once. We hung out on the deck and had beers and snacks and kids played and I think everyone had a great time.

Saturday was easy we had all our eggs made and most of our snacks and drinks ready from the night before. We did a little clean up and getting ready then Heath’s family came over and we snacked and drank and hung out.
 IMG_4244 IMG_4245

It was rainy in the morning but died off and I was able to hide eggs and even though it was a little cool the kids had a great time searching.




After the hunt the kids went through their baskets and played all over the backyard.



The little kids sat at a table and worked over the candy.

Eventually everyone left and we got the kids in bed and then Heath and I could get out the bikes and prizes.

We went to bed and I got up early Sunday to hide more eggs. Heath and I got some breakfast ready then got the kids up. Pumpkin was really excited when I brought her out.


They were both half asleep as they went through baskets.  IMG_4303


Then it was time for another egg hunt. Pumpkin got a head start.


Then Peanut raced into action too.


Mid hunt he found a bike hidden in the corner.


It was a good fit.


Shortly later Pumpkin found hers behind a chair.  IMG_4323

Hers was just as cool but her feet don’t touch the ground.


On a bike with no peddles that is kind of a problem. We may have to wait until she grows or maybe Jon and I will make some modifications. We all looked for the rest of the eggs then ate some breakfast and showed Bean the prizes.


We rushed to get our fancy pants on the went to church.


It was pretty full but we found a bench in the corner and grabbed it. We were surrounded by families with kids and in a corner far from speakers so no one could really hear or see anything so we went through the motions and watched the other kids and tried to keep ours under control.

After church we went home and loaded up all our drinks and snacks and eggs and headed to my mom’s. We got together with the family and ate a bunch and hung out for a while.  IMG_4373

Then it was time for another egg hunt and the kids took off.  IMG_4370


Pumpkin and Peanut easily won the hunt being the only kids old enough to hunt.


We still got them to pose with the little ones.


After mom’s we went home for a few minutes then to the park for the kids to play and Peanut to test out the new bike. Everyone was beat so it didn’t take us long to head home and get everyone in bed.

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