Bean’s First Bottle


While I was at work yesterday Heath, Pumpkin and Bean went to the zoo with some family. Maybe Heath will tell of their adventures later or if you are interested here are the pictures.
 IMG_4470 IMG_4469 IMG_4475 IMG_4488

They got home from the zoo just before I got home from work. The house was kind of a mess, we had no dinner plans and were pretty worn out so we decided to get Mexican dinner from Chelly’s and relax.

Heath fed Bean then off we went. Dinner was great and even though Pumpkin was tired from no nap and a big day she did a good job eating. Margaritas were on sale so we decided to have a few and test out Bean on the bottle while Heath was metabolizing the alcohol.

Once home we got Pumpkin cleaned up in pajamas and in bed. Once Bean was awake and hungry we warmed up some milk and gave her some.  IMG_4500

She got right after it. We started out with 1.5 ounces and she downed that then I tried to burp her but she was just wanting to eat so we have her another 1.5 ounces. I tried a while longer to burp her or rock her but she just wanted to eat.

She ended up eating 7 ounces before getting sleepy eyes. Then Heath bounced her for a few minutes and she was out.

Heath and I were able to get to bed a little early and I was able to get up early and split wood.


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