Firecracker Cracker Chicken


Bean and Heath were sick of being in the house all day when Pumpkin and I got home and it was super nice out so we got a few things together and headed to Minor Park. Heath had Bean in the front pack and I had Pumpkin in the backpack.  IMG_4507


Pumpkin snacked and Bean slept and Heath and I walked and talked. My stomach was growling for much of the hike so once we turned around we hurried home for dinner.  I let Pumpkin hike some of the way back and she worked on running.  IMG_4525

Once home Heath got Pumpkin bathed and I fired up the frydaddy and grill. It was an odd but really good dinner. We had leftover cus cus salad from the weekend, grilled squash, green peppers and pineapple and breaded and fried chicken strips.

For the chicken we marinated in Franks buffalo sauce all day, then drained out the extra sauce and added the remnants of a zip-lock bag we had been saving for just this opportunity.  Originally the bag had held a ton of these spicy crackers.

But when we had eaten all the crackers there was a lot of crumbs and red peppers and stuff in the bag so we saved them. They made for a really tasty batter.

Once Pumpkin was clean and dinner was all ready Bean wanted to eat so Heath had to feed her while the rest of us got started. Pumpkin watched Dora and Wonder Pets while Heath and I re-watched the season 1 finally of Game of Thrones.

After dinner and our shows we got Pumpkin in bed and got ready to start the first couple episodes of Game of Thrones Season 2.

We watched with Stephen and Becky and had a little break when Bean ate too much and yucked all over her and Heath. After the show it was past my bedtime so we rushed to bed.

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