No Post Today?


Yes, the picture is from last night. I have no pictures. Last night we fed Pumpkin some, cleaned some and I mowed. Then we went to a Parents as teachers meeting and talked a bunch and ate Waldo pizza. Then I headed to work and Heath put the girls to bed and watched a bunch of PBS.

I worked till 10 something then came home and went to bed. I worked some more at midnight and again from 2-3. In the morning we took Pumpkin to school and Bean to the doc and then I took the morning off and Heath and I got some breakfast. After breakfast the radio station went off the air and I worked from home some and then came in. I’m heading to Kaufman Stadium soon to check things out for a broadcast tomorrow.

Tonight I hope to sleep and tomorrow I may not have much of a post as we broadcast from the K before Opening Day!

Ohh I should mention breakfast was amazing we went to this place called Jerry’s Cafe at 103rd and State line. I got Jerry’s big breakfast. It was a big plate of toast, hash browns, eggs, sausage, cheese and whatever all hidden under a lake of gravy. Seriously I could not come close to finish or guessing what food was where under the gravy. 2 old ladies saw my prize and asked the waitress for a half order of what I got and the size of it still blew their minds.

Heath got an omelet filled and covered with ham, avocado and cream cheese. There was probably more then a whole avocado just on top of the beast and after her first bite she declared she would never order anything different on return trips. We also saw a claim from some other radio station on the wall saying this place had the best burgers in the city. Obviously I wanted to stay but will have to go back to check out this claim.

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