Opening Day in KC

I’ve got to get a few things done this morning then we head to Kaufman Stadium for the home opener. We will be broadcasting from the Diamond Club with a view like in the above picture. It’s pretty cool but we will be packing up and leaving when they open the gate for the rest of the fans to start coming in.

I got home late from the K but luckily Heath and I had made dinner earlier and she had moved it to the oven and it was mostly done when I got there. We had mixed together some leftover burger and sausage with cus cus, cheese, spinach, onions, alfredo sauce and seasonings.

Then we stuck this mix into green peppers. We somehow ended up with too many green peppers and we decided to use them all up this week before they go bad.

Then we left them alone until dinner time. At dinner time Heath stuck them in the oven a while and they came out awesome.

We served them with great northern beans that I had slow cooked in the crock pot with a bunch of little ham chunks.

Besides dinner we worked around the house on cleaning and laundry and started prepping for more drywall work. Before we turn on the AC this year it is our goal to get all the drywall done and mudded. I still need to put up drywall in the toy area behind the firewall and down the hallway. So we packed up all the toys and rubber mats and everything.


We still need to move the cabinet some and then I’ll take down the trim and paneling. We also moved the fridge out of the way so we could get behind it easier.



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